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Lasting Love 2020 – Couples Award Night

Lasting Love 2020 – Couples Award Night

Hello everyone!

I trust we are all doing great! we are officially in the “spring” mood. It is just amazing how the months just swift by so quick. I noticed recently that the days are getting longer and very soon we would carry “clock change” task again.

So right then, I must confess that I haven’t blogged in while! it is a combination of things, but predominantly “Instagram” and how say it is to share my portfolio. However now that my website changes is coming to shape, I would make the effort this year.

Without further ado, I am pleased and honoured to be sharing the pictures (all random) below captured from the Lasting Love couples annual event which took place during the Valentine’s weekend in February, hosted by Mrs Funmi Adeyi. at the Marriot’s Hotel in Bexleyheath.

The primary goal of Lasting Love still remains to empower and enlighten marriages – “Empowering Couples, Restoring Marriages”

As usual, this event kicks off my year in capturing beautiful and lasting memories and it was truly amazing to witness some of the awesome couples who have been through the challenges of life adversities, but they have come out stronger to share their stories as an encouragement to others!

This year, I was particularly moved by the message from Pastors Abbiih and Jonathan Oloyede and I think this quote is still quite valid; “All relationships have problems. The strength of your relationship is defined by your ability to overcome them”

Enjoy the rest of the pictures and as usual, please “like”, “Share” or drop a line in the comment box! Thank you.


Aderonke Adeniran

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