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If You’re The New Face Of 50, Then It’s Going To Be A BEAUTIFUL Year!

If you’re the new face of 50, then it’s going to be a BEAUTIFUL year!

Hello everyone!

I trust we are all doing great! I mentioned in my last blog that we are now officially in the “spring” phase of the year, little did I know we are going to be on “locked down” mood and short of toilet rolls!
I am using this opportunity to applaud our amazing NHS and key workers of all the long hours of work they have been involved with in the last few weeks! They are just doing an amazing job!

So right then… I present to you some of my favourite pictures to celebrate this amazing lady’s 50th birthday! I think this photo session was meant to be. As first it was my first free weekend and it was just before the locked down rules kicked off!

I am sure you will agree, that Femi doesn’t look a day over 50 right? Obviously, all I needed to do was getting her out of her comfort zone! thanks to my amazing team Ayo and Anya

As usual, I will drop this quote right here…”Turning 50 doesn’t mean you are getting old, but instead getting wiser and better than ever!”

Enjoy the rest of the pictures and as usual, please “like”, “Share” or drop a line in the comment box! Thank you.


Aderonke Adeniran

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  1. I must say Ronke did get me out of my comfort zone but made me feel really comfortable throughout this photoshoot.
    I thoroughly enjoyed and felt relaxed during this experience and the pictures are so delightful. I was particularly drawn by Ronke’s professionalism at what she does and this put me at ease.
    One photoshoot experience that I will always remember!

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