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My passion for photography . . .

My vision is to provide high quality photography that will provide life-long happiness and unforgettable memories

“I specialise “people” photography and I am complimented on my ability to capture lively moments. This is in each of my subjects. From an inspirational viewpoint, I seek images that captures energy and spirit.

Everyone has a unique characteristic and my aim is to create:

• Spontaneous moments
• Expressions
• Gestures

to show their distinct. Dynamic and colourful personalities

My promise is to provide unparalleled quality and creativity with an exceptionally high level of customer service which helps me nurture lifelong relationships with my customers.

Taking beautiful photographs is just the beginning of your story.

Apart from Photography, I am mum of two beautiful girls (Ages 15 & 10) – Rolake and Derin. They keep me on my toes with their amazing energy.

I currently work in the Energy industry in London as a IT Service Management Consultant…

What else do you need to know about me? Well, I am:

• Left handed
• Not keen on sewing
• Go getter…. Risk taker…. whatever you think…

Someone once said to me, that If I wasn’t doing what I do… That I would be well suited as a Therapist! Now that is a good thing.. isn’t it!!

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