Super Momma with a “bump”….


I received a phone call from this amazing lady called “Ayanda” requesting for a maternity photo shot with her family. The moment she said she was a couple of weeks away to give birth, I have to get back to her swiftly and hastily. There were so many intrusions that could have stopped me from making the appointment. It was the dreadful M25 traffic…I was stranded for up to an hour, before finally making it to Ayanda’s abode in Gravesend, Kent.
This was my second Maternity shot in last 12 months and I am truly honoured for the opportunity. Therefore I was ready to go and you won’t believe from my favourite shots below that the heaven had already opened with “abundant” rain! Anyway I am glad to let you know that baby has arrived! He is a beautiful boy and I can’t wait to capture his first pictures…

IT’S TRUE WHAT THEY SAY: Pregnancy & Parenthood are incredibly powerful and empowering experiences. We watch our bumps grow and dream about the perfect little life we are creating. Enjoy the pictures and I hope to blog some more images in the next few weeks… R x

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