A moment captured in time – as sung by my favourite singer of all time The late Whitney Houston

Your Family Story, the shy smiles, the cheeky grins, kisses and bear hugs!
The reminders of love, laughter, and lives shared. Authentic stories of your family. I am a storyteller, and these are the images I create…

Family sessions are so important to me and what I believe in as a mother. This time in your family’s life is so momentary–and oh so important. As a mum of two young girls, I know my time with them as “littles” will be gone before I know it.

I want to be sure to preserve some special moments with them while I can. Milestones only happen once before they have come and gone. Don’t let the time slip softly by.
No matter how you want to relate to it, family comes first. Hence reason why I believe in the importance of a professional family portrait. I believe it is a great representation of the unconditional love and strong ties that are shared among the family. Taking family portraits has been a tradition for hundreds of years and goes beyond capturing the aesthetics of the family. Family portraits get into the inner heart of the family.

Though camera phones, point-and-shoot cameras even “selfies” are more accessible than ever before, they are in no way comparable to the high quality cameras that I use!
The photos I take of your family can be enlarged many times without sacrificing the clearness of the picture.

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