Exotic Flowers


I am not a gardener, I can’t even remember the last time, I planted anything! except when my daughter comes home with a plant for us to look after. However I love the beauty of capturing one of Mother Nature’s most alluring subjects into contemporary abstract photographs.

I am passionate about capturing what is really there, most often details we can’t see by normal observation. I am fascinated by abstract shots of intense light, colour, design and texture that are unveiled when enlarging botanical images and I love the jewel like quality and out-of-focus effects created by natural sunlight through leaves and water droplets.

My collection of flower photography is to show case and demonstrate its exoticism using its vibrantly colourful, close-up macro flower photos that show details of flowers & garden plants that can often be missed. My collection incorporates a wide range such as the Pastel Rose, Sunflower, Star Flower, Frilly Tulip and the Calla Lily.