The period leading up to a wedding is often very exciting, and is an ideal time to capture the sense of anticipation and romance of your engagement in a photo-shoot.

Many clients opt for a pre-wedding engagement shoot. This is a chance for you and your love one to get used to having your photo taken, so when it comes to the main event, you’re not worried about being in front of the camera and you’re only focus is on looking amazing and enjoying the day. Of course you’ll also get some beautiful images out of the experience that you can keep forever!

The shoot normally happens at a local park or the venue of your wedding, However we can have a brainstorm together to decide the best place to go. It turns out to be an adventure and so much fun in the end. At the end of the shoot, which is the exciting part to re-live the memories, I send you some “teaser” images to enjoy.

So what’s included?

A two hour location based photo-shoot and high resolution edited images